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Carolina Veterinary Dermatology Clinic

Carolina Veterinary Dermatology Clinic opened in March of 2022. Anne Doherty Hinn, DVM, DACVD, specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of allergy, skin, and ear conditions in small animals throughout North Carolina and surrounding areas. We will provide diagnosis and treatment for:

  • Canine and feline allergies

  • Bacterial and fungal infections of the skin and ears

  • Neoplasms of the skin

  • Immune-mediated skin diseases

  • Diseases of the nails, footpads, and nasal planum

  • Alopecia


Why Carolina Veterinary Dermatology Clinic?

Seeking a board-certified veterinary dermatologist instead of a regular veterinarian is essential for several reasons, particularly when dealing with complex skin conditions in pets. Typically, we can diagnose your pet’s condition quicker, leading to fewer visits and overall cost savings.

Board-certified dermatologists like Dr. Hinn have undergone additional, rigorous training, specifically in veterinary dermatology, including a multi-year residency program following veterinary school. This specialized training equips them with a deeper understanding and expertise in diagnosing and treating various skin disorders, from common allergies to rare skin diseases. Secondly, they can access advanced diagnostic tools and treatments that might not be available in a general veterinary practice. This is crucial in accurately identifying the root cause of skin problems, which can be intricate and multifaceted.

At Carolina Veterinary Dermatology Clinic, we are well-versed in the latest research and developments, ensuring that your pet receives the most current and effective care. We aim to significantly impact your pet’s quality of life and overall health.

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